Monday, December 3, 2012

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, December 4, 2012

Focus: Whipping your mind into shape for the AP Lit exam

1. Announcements!  Please take an AP Lit book and write your name inside.

2. Describe the AP test to me.  Then read pages 3-5 and start yourself a "Review Sheet" in your composition notebook, jotting down anything that may be of use to you.

3. Previewing the poetry multiple choice:

  • Look briefly at the questions BUT NOT THE ANSWERS.  What types of questions are there?
  • We will read "Dover Beach" in think-aloud form.  
  • On your own, complete the sample multiple choice questions on "Dover Beach" (273-275).  You may write lightly in pencil, but please erase your markings when you're finished.
  • After you have finished, please write on your review sheet any terms or vocabulary words that you don't know. 
4. Discuss answers and strategies as a large group. Jot down useful strategies on your review sheet.

1. Work on your Invisible Man reading assignment for Friday.  Simple reading ticket: 10 one-liners.  Remember that this Thursday will be a work day.

2. Meet in the library computer lab tomorrow to work on project rubrics and poetry essay drafts.

3. Essay revisions due this Friday, December 7.  Please refer to revision policies (posted on the blog from a few days ago).

4. Poetry papers due this Friday if you want to be able to revise; otherwise, they're due Dec. 12.

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