Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, December 13, 2012

Focus: Analyzing the boomerang effect of Invisible Man

1. Announcements!

2. Warm-up: Rereading the Prologue

  • What new understanding do you have of the Prologue now that you've read the book in its entirety?

3. Socratic Seminar: The ending of Invisible Man

HW: Meet in the library computer lab tomorrow, and bring Invisible Man.

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  1. Socratic Seminar End of Invisible Man Pigeons- Davids Presentation on Raven - not being able to escape his problems - 534 the passage where he gets pooped on, birds flock wiht him, not able to outrun birds, taunting him not being able to escape his past, rats of the sky. Why pigeons? Whites saw blacks as the rats of society. Or pigeons pooping on him showing the tearing down of his own society. Just keep running. Poop on the statue - what does it symbolize? Defiling Bledsoe. Founder being used by Bledsoe? 547 - burning down buuilidng. Kciking couple out, exactly what he was fighting against. Sybil - could not get rid of her. Symbolizes not being able to get rid of racism. Supposed to rape becasue black. Why did Sybil want this? Women wanting neglect and punishment. Brotherhood detached form cause, all about science. Sybil does not want responsibility of rape. Narrator wanted to use her for information, she ends up using him. Parallels between women and society. Women want punishment and authority over them. Harlem putting punishment on themselves. What are they trying to fulfill? Do they like Ras because they want to be destroyed? Women and colors. Red apple sucker, red nails. Does red represent something? Red = more sexually attractive. 531 cannot escape white or black people holding him back. cannot escape the woman. "You might meet a white girl." Now he cannot get away from them. 528 Why a buck? Brute imagery. Sybil = flat symbol. maddona or eve. imposing racism on narrator. Emma wants him to be blacker. Riot scene everyone becoming animalistic. Brotherhood - successful in using men as tools. Communism - through revolution only way for change. let Ras gain control. Red imagery - Communism, Jacks hair. 474 Jacks eye. False truth to intimidate narrator. Half blind to be successful. clifton a traitor, but he died. Is he a hero? 569 Sounds like cutting out his eyes? Castration? Now you are free of illusions. 570 genreations prove castration. Doesnt have a name, not carrying on name. Would it be different if not in hole. Why Marys? Then he talks about Jacks. Looking for a home. women either maternal or a whore. In hole, in womb, true rebirth, no more false revoltions. 522 a new birth of a nation, movbie with K.K.K. Ras on black horse like movie. Briefcase - carrying all the past, then burning the past. burning diploma first. Brief case - trying to show his invisibility. Stuff he does not need. Even if you cannot see me I am still a person. Imaginary value in things, actually pushing him back. He wants to believe in value, but he ends up burning it and realizing it has no worth. Brief case always shown when he is running. Saves it from the fire. He is being used. Is there anything of value. Boomerang - same situations continueing to come back. Tries to get rid of past and black nature. Even Mr. Norton comes back. 577 lack of importance in relation to world. I am your destiny. All trains go to Golden D. Cannot escape racism. Every passage leads to some srereotype. Who knows but that, onthe lower frequencies, I speak for you? We all cannot see every element of every person. Everyone has there own invisibility. Blind the hole time.