Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This Seat's Taken: A.P. Lit Blog, Oct.23, 2012

Welcome to the blog! Please check here when you miss class.

Focus: Understanding poetry by writing it; analyzing Henry IV through performance

1. Announcements!
2. Warm-up: Creating your own "Disillusionment of Ten O-Clock"; playing with diction, imagery, and syntax
3. Preparing your Act 3 performances for Henry IV; remember that your performance is your way of analyzing the scene and helping us understand key changes in characters, character dynamics, motifs, settings, and themes.

HW: Prepare for your Act 3 performances tomorrow; college essay revisions; bring your Act 4 word traces back to class on Friday for a Socratic seminar on Act 4 (Thursday will be dedicated to an overview of your next big project/literary essay).

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