Friday, October 26, 2012

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, October 26, 2012

Focus: Analyzing Act 4 of Henry IV and its larger significance to the play as a whole

1. During announcements: Look back through Act 4 and your word trace; create at least two strong Socratic seminar questions and write them in your composition notebook.

2. Warm-up: Musical chairs exploration of your Act 4 word traces.

3. Socratic seminar: Henry IV, Act 4

1. Reread Chapter 4 of How To Read Literature like a Professor and bring this book to class on Monday.

2. Finalize your poem choice by Tuesday; copy and paste your poem into a Google Doc (make sure it maintains the poet's formatting).

3. By Thursday, read Act 5 of Henry IV (it's kind of long); write down 10 one-liners in your composition notebook and perform a close reading of one significant speech.  Read it as you would a poem, analyzing diction, imagery, syntax, tone, and sound devices. Your close reading should be typed and at least half a page in length.

4. By Friday, purchase Invisible Man if you are planning on having your own copy.

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