Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, January 16, 2013

Focus: Opening discussing of The Stranger

1. Announcements/snack!

2. Warm-up: When The Stranger was first published in English, the title was translated as The Outsider.

  • Is there a difference between a stranger and an outsider?  Perform a brief freewrite on each title and consider why the translation was later changed to The Stranger.  
  • Based on what you know of our narrator, Mersault, so far, is he more accurately described as a "stranger" or an "outsider"?

3. Socratic Seminar #1: The Stranger, Part 1: Chapters 1-3

1. Finish Part 1 of The Stranger for TOMORROW. Annotate as usual, but no reading ticket required.
2. Read Part 2 (Chapters 1-3) for Friday's Socratic seminar.
3. Read your critical review book.

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  1. The Stranger Socratic 1-3 Camus mother - deaf - Mersault mom would just watch him. - not much said between Mersault and mother. - Defend that his mother died - Its not my fault. - guilt after death - could have spent more time - Joy read the whole book boo. Marie - women treated differently in novel. coffin scene - awkward and uncomfortable. - desensitized - does not have much feeling, but honest. -Mersault not engaged in anything, pays more attention to nature than people. Novel style just tells what is happening, not much depth. - doesnt want to become to attached to meaningless world. -Does Mersault actually love Marie? emphasis more on the physical - observant on present moment, no regard for how others mihgt feel. Existentionalism - pushing boulder up hill over and over. - Never lets meaning get to him. Hides in simplicity. Brings stuff into one room - condensing his life. always potential, then beaten away. No matter what you do nothing can be perfect. Perez only one truely sad about Mamons death, he had some kind of relationship. When youre not invested the boulder is lighter. Sleep because what else is he going to do. - Tryign hard to remain stoic. Sleep - possibly trying to further him self. Raymond and his mistress. Desensitivity of Mersault - "yeah that would punish her." Camus - infidelity, idea of marriage, deseerves to be beaten. action vs inaction - just watching everyone, but doesnt really care. Didnt have any reason not to help him. Blood pounding in my ears. Dog wimpering softly.