Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, January 9, 2013

Focus: What are your strengths and weaknesses as an A.P. Lit test taker, and what strategies could help you improve?

1. Announcements!

2. Workshopping essay #2: Johnny Got His Gun

          a. Get into a circle for Socratic Seminar: Reread passage aloud and discuss as a group (please have someone take notes on who is saying what and post on the blog).  As you discuss, be sure to address the specific elements of the prompt.

          b. Review the official rubric for this essay

          c. Peer workshop each other's essays: 
                        Round 1: Using the rubric, comment on the specific strengths and weaknesses of the content      of your partner's essay.  Remember always to read through the entire essay once without writing any comments.

                        Conference briefly with your partner, THEN SWITCH PARTNERS.

                        Round 2: Comment on the specific strengths and weaknesses of your partner's essay's                  organization and style.  

                       Conference briefly with your partner, then, using the rubric, estimate a grade range for your essay: High (7-9), Middle (5-6), or Low (0-4).

HW: Critical review proposal due Friday; start reading The Stranger, Part 1. If you feel somewhat confident  that your critical review book will be approved, go ahead and start reading that, too.


  1. AP Test | Question 2| “Johnny Got His Gun”

    Jake: Relationship between boy and father, loving respectful and continuing to grow
    Eric: changing, coming into manhood, sexual imagery – rod, nature is daunting in beginning, later asserts his dominance over nature – laying on pine needles
    Kara: relationship moves from mutual to son’s dominance, streams connecting to lake – end of stream, beginning of lake – parallels relationship
    Emily: father’s death – doesn’t wake up, 9000 feet high – heaven
    Kristen: simple language
    Ariel: no quotation marks, casual, reflects relationship between boy and father. Repair of the rod reflects the renewal of relationship every year on trip. Trusts rod to son – trusts relationship to son
    Bailey: simple relationship, no fakeness
    David: ceremonious, uniformity is tarnished, stomps on the relationship, conclusion of the relationship, abandons the ritual
    Cayla: not an ending, rod from father to son makes the transition ok
    Ben: not the end of their relationship, end of phase of relationship. Star Wars metaphor…
    Kyle: diction reflects the teenage desire to be stoic and emotionless, pine needles are little simple things, greater when combined, seems like the relationship transition is small but it is bigger than that
    Tanner: passing of the rod – new step in relationship
    Jessie: Pine needles symbolic – time – fall over time

  2. I love this passage, and I'm sorry I missed this discussion! I received a call during 1st hour from the Goddard School informing that Sam had pink eye and that I needed to pick him up right away. He's now enjoying the pleasure of burning eye drops four times a day, so I should be back tomorrow.

    Fantastic observations on the blog! I hope peer editing was helpful as well, and tomorrow I will share with you some sample essays on this particular prompt.