Monday, May 6, 2013

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, May 7, 2013

Focus: Building your confidence for the AP Literature Exam

1. Announcements!

2. Introduction to today's stations:

[Station 1: Victorian-style prose, multiple choice]

[Station 2: Victorian-style prose, syntax practice]

[Station 3: Victorian-style prose, essay prompt]

Station 4: Bedside stacks

Station 5: Feel good about yourself

Station 6: Contemporary prose, essay

Station 7: Contemporary prose, multiple choice

Station 8: Traditional poetry, multiple choice

Station 9: Contemporary poetry, multiple choice

You will select 2-3 stations and spend about 20-25 minutes at each station.  The first 10 minutes will be spent in mandatory silence so that you may read in peace.  The second 10-15 minutes can be spent in whatever way your group feels is most beneficial to your style of review (independent work, group discussion, etc.).

If you need all 5 review stations, don't worry; these stations and many more will still be available tomorrow.

1. Bedside stack.
2. AP Lit review book (target your least confident areas).

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