Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, May 1, 2013

Focus: Starting to synthesize larger ideas about R&G Are Dead

1. Announcements!  And snack!

2. Warm-up: Singling out the most important passage from your section

As you listen to others' lines, think about how to finish this statement: R&G Are Dead is about...

3. Watching part of an interview with Tom Stoppard to see what he thinks this play is about

4. Viewing a few key scenes from the film version of R & G Are Dead

1. Keeping up with your bedside stack (remember that it should be a nightly ritual--repetition is key).

2. Remember that if you plan to revise your critical review or your poetry essay, please do so by FRIDAY.  Remember to highlight all changes on your new draft, compose a brief paragraph explaining what you chose to revise and why, and staple everything to your original draft with my comments.

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