Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, March 7, 2013

Focus: Knocking down writer's block and getting into our poetry papers and projects

1.  Announcements and signing up for project presentations!

2. Warm-up:  A few reminders

If you are doing the PAPER....

  • Please follow the paper guidelines and sample essays posted above the Google calendar.
  • Follow MLA guidelines (heading, page number and last name on every page, double spacing, in-text citations, original title, etc.).
  • Try using Writing Reviser for sentence variety and word choice.  It's still linked to our website.
  • Attach a hard copy of your poem to your paper.
  • Include a Works Cited page.

If you are doing the PROJECT...

  • Begin your presentation with a polished reading of your poem.
  • Turn in a hard copy of your poem today so that I can make copies.
  • Finish your rubric by the day of your presentation and turn it in to me at the beginning of class.
  • If your project can be shared with me via Google/e-mail/a copy of the DVD for me to keep, please do so.
  • Remember that the process of creating this project can be part of the presentation as well.
  • Make sure that part of your project is devoted to the poetic devices your poet uses to achieve a larger effect; this can be an implicit or explicit part of your presentation. 
3. Time for working on papers and projects; if you are a project person, start by creating your rubric.  See the template on the website.

1. Please turn in your paper on Monday and be prepared to present your project on your assigned date.  Remember that even if you are absent on Monday, your paper still needs to get to me on Monday in order to be considered on time.

2. Bring your book club book so that we can solidify reading assignments and expectations on Monday.

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