Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, April 16, 2013

Focus: Strengthening your prose timed writing skills by assessing others' writings

1. Announcements!

2. Thanks for being nice.

3. Norming your grading of prose timed writing: Looking at the 2008 prompt and a few sample essays

Mark the strengths and weaknesses of each essay in terms of...

Content: What is the author trying to accomplish, and what techniques is he/she using to accomplish it?  Also,  does the essay answer the prompt?

Organization: Do the body paragraphs have clear, distinct, yet related points?  Are they logically organized?  Is there a commanding thesis statement, and are there topic sentences and transitions to help the reader follow the essay's argument?

Style: Does the essay employ strong diction and syntax?  Is there a sense of maturity and command?

4. Musical chairs editing of your timed writings from Friday!

1. Continue working on your culminating essay (one week left...)
2. If you own your own copy of Hamlet, please bring it to class tomorrow.

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