Friday, November 2, 2012

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, November 2, 2012

Focus: Understanding the grand finale of Henry IV, Part 1 through performance

During announcements, please write down the Invisible Man reading assignments, and take a book if you need one.

1. Warm-up: A reflection on yesterday and a clip of an award-winning Falstaff at the one and only Globe

  • How does this portrayal of Falstaff support or alter your perception of him?

A few clips you may want to watch at home to inspire you as you compose your big question blog:

2. Rehearsals of Act 5 and symbolic choices in small groups (15 min)

3. Rehearsals of Act 5, scenes 3 and 4 and symbolic choices as a large class (8 min)

4. The last big performance!

HW: Complete your big question blog entry by Tuesday; start reading Invisible Man.

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