Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, February 14, 2013

Focus: Workshopping your Tuesday writings on "The Century Quilt"

1. Announcements (and a little poetry check)

2. Circle discussion of "The Century Quilt"--what unlocked this poem for you?

3. Perusal of the official rubric and sample essays

4. A different (and slightly braver) style of editing: Putting your essay out there for the large group

Content (specific strengths and weaknesses)
Organization (try to outline as your listening)
Style (commanding choices and moments of writing immaturity)

1. Start deciding on what collection of poetry you'd like to read for your project/paper. You will need to finalize your choice by Thursday, Feb 21, which is when we will be composing the metacognitive.

2. Prepare for our next Socratic seminar on February 20, which will cover the first half of Ch 1 in Part 2.  For your reading ticket, which you're not going to turn in until the end of Part 2, I'd like you to put together a timeline in which you figure out the exact chronology of events as they actually happened (NOT the order in which Morrison presents them).

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