Monday, February 25, 2013

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, February 25, 2013

Focus: Analyzing the climax, resolution, and structure of Beloved

1. Announcements! Return timed writings (2 sets) and collect metacognitive writings

2. Warm-up: Revisiting the first and final page of Beloved

a. How do the first pages set up all of the novel's central tensions/problems?
b. How do the final pages respond to/resolve these tensions/problems?

3. Final Socratic seminar: The ending of Beloved

HW: Compose your big question entry for Beloved.

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  1. Metaphorical Babies
    • Stream footprints come and go. A story not to pass on. Why would Morrison say that?
    • Memory vs Rememory – characters have to shut it away, all handled Beloved differently, but in the end had to shut her away
    • This is not a story to pass on
    • Slavery memories still a struggle
    • Beloved never seemed all the way real
    • People forgot her because she was not really there, more Sethe’s imagination
    • Passing on – or dying
    • Don’t let story die it should be remembered
    • Conclusion good, then last 2 pages ignoring the past and moving on in a way that seemed unsettling
    • It is ok to forget because the characters lived it and now it is time for tomorrow
    • What is it that allows Paul D to come back and for Sethe to heal?
    • Denver going into community, no more isolation
    • In community people comparing her to Baby Suggs, not Sethe, turns out they feel bad for Denver
    • Why does Beloved leave after the women come to sing and pray?
    • Somewhat anticlimactic
    Past keeps Beloved alive, present drives her away
    • Sethe easily lets go of Beloved’s hand
    • Tries to stab Mr. Bodwin
    • End of isolation
    • Painful to relive past
    • Strength of community coming together to move forward
    • Gives Sethe strength, forgiveness
    • What is Beloved Pregnant with?
    • Sethe’s spirit
    • Bloated with power
    • Paul D’s baby
    • Naked pregnant woman = vulnerable
    • Belly is breaking her from Sethe
    • Comes out of water in clothing, disappears naked
    • What is Beloved?
    • All stories fit, not just Sethe’s, it is everyone’s struggle with the past
    • Need community to move on
    • Slaveship, womb, spirit
    • 30 women at 3 in the afternoon.
    • Denver is now accepting of Paul D and her father
    • Sethe is not a whole person without her past
    • Will problems go away with Beloved gone?
    • Door closing
    • We are haunted by a past and we have to face it, message to reader
    • Hard to come to resolutions, but we have to accept something