Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, February 7, 2013

Focus: For what purpose does Morrison "mark" her characters in Beloved?

1. Announcements!

2. Warming up with your old friend, How To Read Literature Like a Professor

"Marked for Greatness"

"Sameness doesn't present us with metaphorical possibilities, whereas difference--form the average, the typical, the expected--is always rich with possibility" (Foster 194).

"These character markings stand as indicators of the damage life inflicts...illustrating the way life marks all who pass through it" (Foster 195).

"...more often than not physical markings by their very nature call attention to themselves and signify some psychological or thematic point the writer wants to make.  After all, it's easier to introduce characters without imperfections" (Foster 200).

"Nice To Eat You: Acts of Vampires"

"...[Vampirism] is about things other than literal vampirism: selfishness, exploitation, a refusal to respect the autonomy of other people" (Foster 16)

"In those works that continue to haunt us, however, the figure of the cannibal, the vampire, the succubus, the spook announces itself again and again where someone grows in strength by weakening someone else" (Foster 21).

Vampires often reveal..."the consuming spirit," "psychosocial imbalance," and "the way society...battens on and consumes its victims" (Foster 20).

3. Socratic seminar: Beloved, chapters 6-8

1. Your critical review essays are due tomorrow. Please refer to yesterday's blog for editing help.
2. Please bring your Beloved books to class tomorrow.

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