Friday, February 1, 2013

This Seat's Taken: AP Lit, February 4, 2013

Focus: Analyzing the characters of Beloved

1. Announcements!  Anybody else going to college? Cake for the winners!

2. Quick character focus groups:

What does this character think he/she/it wants?

What is pulling this character apart?  In other words, what internal conflicts does this character face?

What does this character really want?

3. Socratic seminar: Beloved, Chapters 3-5

A reminder of Socratic seminar expectations:

1. You must have your book, and you should be referencing it frequently.

2. If you are sitting out, you need to be using your time productively for AP Lit (reading, scribing, keeping a conversation chart, etc).

3. You should be participating in the vast majority of seminars; at most, you should only be missing one or two per novel.

4. You should be engaged in the conversation by looking at the person speaking, perusing your book for important passages, and/or jotting down notes.

1. Continue working on your critical review essay; we will edit on Wednesday (final drafts due Friday).
2. Start reading Chapters 6, 7, and 8 for Thursday's Socratic; for your reading ticket, please focus on significant imagery in these chapters.  The format of the reading ticket is up to you.

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  1. Socratic 3-5
    Why does Morrison give all the details about violence, sex, uncomfortable scenes?
    - To give a more vivid picture, to show white superiority, having a means of control
    Sethe speaking of Denver as an antelope
    - Denver wants to be mature, but also childlike
    Why obsession with Beloved?
    - She has few connections so she cherishes them
    - Gets the most out of relationships as she can
    - Enjoys attention of house and Beloved
    - Mother divided attention
    Did baby die before Denver was born?
    - We don’t know yet, 124
    Beloved out of water rebirth scene
    - What caused her rebirth
    - So she could bring back forcus to her not Paul D
    - Beloved described as a baby but comes a woman
    - Soft skin, sensitve eyes struggle walking, orange blanket squares, weak neck
    Beloved reveals things about other characters
    When trying toa move on with lives Beloved coems back
    Shadows holding hands
    - Vague 3 people
    - 3 people all need eachother in a way but still separeated
    - Shadows – the third person was someone else not Paul D
    Tension between Paul D, Beloved, and Denver
    Sister connection between Beloved and Denver
    Each character is also pulling eachother apart
    Are the house and beloved the same thing?
    Beloved having strenght and coldness – supernatural qualities
    Belo loves sugar so does Denver
    Sugar a quick way to satisfaction – metaphor for Denver and Belo happiness
    Sugar- white and pure after being processed
    Awkaward Taylor Wallace moment
    Dog goes missing. Should reader trust Belo?
    Is Belo innocent?
    Why Morrison bring back Belo as a woman?
    Relationship between Sethe, Belo, and Dnever
    Vertical scratches?
    It hasn’t dawned on them that Belo is a ghost
    Anything dead coming back to life hurts